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Maui Rainforests
Hiking dormant volcanos and wandering through the tropical rainforests of Maui's beautiful mountains.
It's easy to be distracted by Maui's prestine beaches and rugged coastal canvas. I suggest, however, turning inland and getting yourself lost in the vast dominant ranges that make those beaches and coastlines possible.
Stock photography by Therese+McKeon at Alamy

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Vital Signs
Although many images have been gathered into themed collections, nothing can quite contain the excitement of a fresh angle, a new project, the latest hot shot. This space is reserved to show you the ways in which photography can communicate an idea, ignite your passion, improve your understanding, and stir your deepest emotions.

Getty Center
Brentwood, CA

A recent trip last Fall took me to the West Coast and the Getty Center in Brentwood, California just North of Los Angeles. It is a breath-taking space that I highly recommend. You will need at least a day to enjoy everything there is to view and experience.

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